Taiwan Ruby 18 Black Tea

11/30/2016David Dodson
By now, tea lovers are getting accustomed to high-quality black teas from Taiwan, typically noted for its oolongs and green teas. Taiwan Ruby 18 is in the vanguard of the emerging market for Taiwanese black teas, and for good reason. Unlike black tea blends sold in the West as "English Breakfast" or "Irish Breakfast," Ruby 18 is capable of delivering an amazing range of taste and fragrance notes depending on how it is brewed. Use a little more leaf and a temperature under 200 degrees F to get a deep, dark liquor with flavors of chocolate and camphor. Go lighter on the leaf, and you will notice a sweetness and a hint of licorice. Either way, plan on short brewing times to begin--no longer than 30 seconds. Try this Taiwanese black tea. You'll be amazed by its depth and complexity.