2016 Winter Alishan High Mountain

Just arrived today! (12/6) The rinsed leaves of this Alishan have a smell of both sweet flower and young fruit with a citrus-like high note sneaking into the nostril. I am impressed with the smoothiness of the broth. I haven't been able to taste a buttery Alishan for some years. I will describe this Alishan buttery. The flavor of this Alishan already shows up in the cup. I am excited to see how this tea will open up. I will be updating its tasting notes.
Tasting note update (1/17/2017): This is a very solid Alishan. The taste is sweet flower and the liquid is very smooth. At the second infusion, the strong floral and citrus aftertaste opens up, and by the third infusion, you will be delighted by the buttery texture.
*This Alishan is produced at the Zhan Shu Hu area of Alishan at the 1200 meters elevation with Chin Xin Oolong varietal.
*If you purchase 4 ounces of this Winter Alishan, it will come in a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
*Brewing suggestion: 120ml Gaiwan with 7 grams of tea. Boiling water to start.
-5 second rinsing.
-1st infusion: 23 seconds
-2nd infusion: 20 seconds
-3rd infusion: 20 seconds
Heat the water up again.
-4th infusion: 25 seconds
-5th infusion: 35 seconds
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