2016 Spring Dong Ding Fragrant - 20% Off

This new Dong Ding Fragrant smell vegetal with a mild citrus high note cutting through. At first, the broth reminds me a bit of cooked zucchini( but it doesn't taste like zucchini). It's balanced and buttery. As the tea opens up more, more floral bouquet shows up and the aftertaste lingers. This is definitely a very good daily drinker.
Dong Ding Fragrant lightly oxidized like a High Mountain Oolong. It's different from our Dong Ding Traditional which is more oxidized and more "shaking green" to bring out heavier tea broth.
This Dong Ding Fragrant is produced in ZhuShan Taiwan with QinXin Oolong varietal.
*If you purchase 4 ounces of this Dong Ding Fragrant, it will come in a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
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