2016 Spring ShanLinXi High Mountain Oolong - 20% Off

Our 2016 Spring High Mountain Oolong finally arrived!
The dry leaves of this new spring ShanLinXi have a great sweet fruit smell. The rinsed leaves are bright mixed some sort of citrus smell.
Its broth is very soft, creamy, and rich. Salivation shows up in later infusions. I am very satisfied with the quality so far. I will update more tasting notes after the tea settles down.
Tasting notes update 6/25/2016: The dry leaves of this ShanLinXi smell so good that I thought I can eat it. The rinsed leaves have a beautiful citrus fruity note. This spring ShanLinXi is rich in flavor. By the third infusion, it body really opens up. I really enjoy its smooth buttery texture. This tea has big salivation and Ho Yun( you can feel the tea at the throat area). It's well balanced tea and a satisfying High Mountain Oolong.

*If you purchase 4 ounces of this spring ShanLinXi, you will get a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
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