2016 HeHuanShan - Lightly Roasted

My tea friend, Mr. Tsai used a 2015 HeHuanShan High Mountain Oolong as a base and roasted it in the end of April, 2016. Its dry leaves have a really nice sweet toasty grain smell and its rinsed leaves smell sweet. This tea broth is medium bodied and feels kind of bubbly. Just like a lightly oxidized High Mountain Oolong, this roasted version has a great long lasting aftertaste too.
If you purchase 4 ounces of this Light Roast HeHuanShan, it will come in a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
*This HeHuanShan is made from ChinXin Oolong varietal at HeHuanShan Taiwan, elevation around 1800 meters high. Due to the cooler weather since Feb. 2016, spring High Mountain Oolong harvest got delayed. We are expecting our spring High Mountain Oolong to arrive in June 10th.
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