Muzha Tieguanyin 2011

I am so happy that Farmer Zhan's tea is back to Floating Leaves!
The dry leaves of this 2011 Muzha Tieguanyin smell some sort of dry fruit sweetness. The rinsed leaves are toasty, sweet and deep. Its tea broth is full bodied and very smooth. The Cha Qi(tea energy) and the smooth liquid seem to form into one. You will sense it in the mouth and feel how it moves all the way into the stomach. The aftertaste of this Muzha Tieguanyin is long lasting.
This 2011 Tieguanyin is made from the Zhen Cong Tieguanyin( the true Tieguanyin tea bush) varietal in Muzha Taiwan.
*If you purchase 4 ounces of this 2011 Muzha Tieguanyin, it will come in a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
*Brewing suggestion: I like to use a YiXing teapot for a traditional Tieguanyin. I used a 120ml of tea pot with 7 grams of leaves.
-A quick rinse: 5 seconds with boiling water.
-First infusion: 27 seconds.
-Second infusion: 30 seconds.
-Third infusion: 25 seconds ( I heat up the water to boiling again).
-Fourth infusion: 32 seconds.
-Fifth infusion: 45 seconds.
-Sixth infusion: one minute.
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