Purple Leaf Sheng(Green) Puer 2012

I purchased this Purple Leaf Puer from my April 2015 trip to Yunnan. This Puer was pressed in a small tea factory in MoJiang of Yunnan.

The rinsed leaves smell sweet, a bit smokey and musky. Its tea broth is sweet and solid. This Puer doesn't have as many high notes as my other Sheng Puers. Instead, its texture, flavor and aftertaste seem to stay at the "middle range". I remember why I purchased this Puer back then, for its uniqueness.
Please note that this Purple Leaf Puer is not from Purple Tip varietal. The cake is pressed from tea leaves that turned purple.

*If you purchase 12 ounces of this Purple Leaf Puer, it will come in a 357gram cake.
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