Chen Nian Puer From the 90's

This Chen Nian Puer is from Mao Cha( loose leaves, not pressed into cakes or bricks). The rinsed leaves of this Puer has a nice smell of herbs and ginseng. Its broth is deep, smooth and full body. The tea energy of this Chen Nian Puer sinks to the stomach area and it feels nice. Shen Jin(salivation) of this tea is mild and long lasting and its Ho Yun(a throat feeling) is clear and obvious. This puer can go through many infusions.
I am doing this writeup from Gaiwan tea. By the third infusion, a lot of viscosity shows up. If you have a good YiXing pot for this Puer, it will be taste even more smooth.
Due to its loose tea form and to a Puer lover blended this tea for its profile, it feels more aged than other 90's Puers. It's ready to drink. Give this Chen Nian Puer a try!
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