2017 Spring ShanLinXi High Mountain Oolong

This new season's ShanLinXi smells so sweet and good. I feel like I want to eat the smell! This is a very fun tea. The smell of its rinsed leaves has more spice( compared to our Alishan) and a bright orange peel. Its broth is rich and silky like chicken broth. The citrus high note part of this ShanLinXi is more like lemon oil. And its aftertaste is also like lemon oil. It produces a nice sweet Hui Gan( after you swallow the tea, the sweetness will appear in the mouth). This ShanLinXi also has strong salivation and it's more produced under the tongue.
All our High Mountain Oolong from this spring has a citrus taste or aftertaste, and they are all different type of citrus. This ShanLinXi one will remind you that Japanese Yuzu vinagrette feel.

*If you purchase 4 ounces of this ShanLinXi, it will come in a 5 ounces vacuum pack.
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