Taiwan Tea Tour

The 2011 tea tour is complete. See below for photographs and information about the 2014 Tea Tour!

The tea tour is so popular, we've been able to make it a mostly-annual event!

Browse through a few pictures and the itinerary from past tea tours:
-2010 Taiwan Tea Tour
-We also had a tour in 2007, but pictures are not currently online from that one.

If you are a Taiwanese Oolong lover, or you simply have been listening to Shiuwen talking about how much fun it is to visit tea farmers and the delicious food there, you've got to join us on this tea trip to Taiwan in May.

Photos on this page are courtesy of Dance Smith

Taiwan Tea Tour Logistics (2014)

Time: December 23rd to December 31st of 2014
(the dates are subject to change)

Cost: $2100 includes lodgings, three meals per day, transportation in Taiwan, tickets and fees for activities and classes. $300 extra for single occupancy.

Deposit: $500 deposit by Sept. 30, 2014(After That, the deposit is non-refundable). Full payment is due by Oct. 31st, 2014.

2011's trip highlights: visiting a Baozhong tea farm, a Tiequanyin tea farm, Alishan tea farm, learn from farmers how they grow, process, and appreciate tea. You will get to eat lots of delicious food. Visit Wisteria Tea House and National Palace Museum.

Example itinerary from 2011: See Here

Interested or questions? Please contact Floating Leaves Tea: tea@floatingleaves.com for details.


The highlight of the trip for me was visiting the farmers and their families at the tea farms and learning about tea picking, processing and tea tasting as well as eating delicious Taiwanese cuisine cooked with tea - YUMMY! It was amazing how each tea farm had a character and beauty of its own, just like the different teas they grow in each area.
The trip inspired greater interest in me to learn more about oolong teas and the history of tea. There is just so much to learn that I wish I could go on your tours every year! Thank you for offering this opportunity to us.

-Beng Imm, Owner, Vashon Tea Shop

We learned a lot about the tea world, and it was so good to learn also about Taiwan, a country so much in American news in the past.
I came away with a greater appreciation of the country, and to my surprise, a growing fondness for oolong teas!


What more could you ask for----good food, great scenery, lots and lots of tea information and visits to tea farms--and a comfy hotel to come back to (or a farmer's B&B with marvelous food). I couldn't recommend her tour more!!


Tea as a common denominator for the participants resulted in both guaranteed common interests and enough diversity to make getting to know everyone fulfilling. As a small group, there was minimal tour-group herding, and mostly the tour felt like a prolonged outing with friends.


Tour Le Taiwan, although not on a bicyclette, was a world of fun and of course learning. With a busy schedule we still were able to have those good moments of relaxation, especially when eating the unforgettable food.
Nothing met my expectations, everything exceeded them. A must journey for tea lovers, especially those partial to Oolongs. Shiuwen made me fall in love with Taiwan.

-Eric Glass from the Fragrant Cup