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As tea drinkers, many of us have fallen in love with the taste of Taiwanese tea. There has been a good effort in our tea loving communities across the world to classify, identify and understand Taiwanese and Chinese teas. And there have even been some films,forays into the serious tea drinking cultures of East Asia. But I believe that we, as a community, are ready for a deeper look into what it means to be a tea producer, a tea merchant or an artisan that works on the plant that we love so well. During my 15 year career as a tea merchant -- traveling back and forth between Taiwan and Seattle, building relationships with Taiwanese tea- farmers, artisans and artists -- I believe I am in a unique position to bring the stories of these dedicated people and connect them to the Western tea community.

Because of my love for these people, I've considered how I would bring their stories to light for years now. But on a recent trip to Taiwan, a filmographer friend of mine, Jake Knapp, came up with the idea of a documentary, and I absolutely lit up. Taiwanese oolong is a huge subject, and we decided that Dong Ding oolong - being historically and personally significant - would be our focal point for our first film project together.

We've planned to travel to Taiwan and shoot the film in July of this year. As of early 2017 we have raised enough money to transport us there and back, but we need your help to properly shoot the film, purchase minimal equipment, and edit the film. This is necessary to put together a cohesive story that portrays our Taiwanese tea friends. We're asking our supporters for $25,000. The cost can only be this low because of all the generous and talented people who believe in our project, but this is the minimum amount we can work with. And if we can break this number, we can start consider hiring a professional editor to make our documentary as beautiful as the tea people and tea country we are filming.

So I hope this film project excites all of you as much as it excites me! With your support, we can make this dream become reality. We will bring you the stories of tea people in Taiwan who make your tea. I think it is my duty as a tea lover.

Thank you, and I hope you consider contributing to our project!

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