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1704 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107 [MAP]

Phone: 206.276.9542

E-mail: tea@floatingleaves.com

Floating Leaves Tea is a Seattle-based tea importer and retailer with a passion for Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese tea, tea ware, and tea culture. We carry a small selection of teas, each one of which has in some way inspired us. Our teas are seasonal, unblended, and for the most part, single-estate teas.
Floating Leaves Tea was formed in April 2002. After her first Chinese tea presentation, Shiuwen Tai discovered that her love of tea was highly contagious. With participants thirsty to know where to get more tea, Shiuwen decided to import tea for more than just herself and her friends.
Since that time Floating Leaves has been presenting Chinese tea at private parties, Seattle art galleries, and at home. With this web site we hope that you too can share in her passion for tea.
About Our Teashop
The new location focuses on selling loose-leaf teas and providing experiences that broaden your understanding of tea. Modeled after the teashops and tasting rooms of Shiuwen's native Taiwan, this tea is an oasis of good tea and good humor.
Inside Floating Leaves you will always find friendly, knowledgable staff who are looking forward to showing you new teas, and discovering which Taiwanese Oolongs are your favorites. During our tea tasting hours, advanced tea drinkers can try tasting teas in the traditional "bowl style", or, if you're newer to oolongs you will be introduced to Gong-Fu style tea sampling.
Tea tastings are intended as a way for you to decide between teas when you're interested in purchasing tea. The $7 charge covers tasting up to three teas: we will brew a few cups of each tea for you so you can pick your favorite. Tea tastings are offered on a drop-in basis during tea tasting hours when we don't have classes scheduled.
Our Old Location
(Now Closed)
We used to be located at 2213 NW Market Suite 100.
About The Old Teahouse
The Floating Leaves Teahouse was Seattle's first authentic Taiwanese teahouse. Modeled after the teahouses of Shiuwen's native Taiwan, this teahouse was an oasis of tranquility and good humor. The new teashop keeps the same charm in a smaller location.

Our interior is still furnished with Chinese antiques, welcoming hosts, and a soundtrack ranging from classical and contemporary Asian music to local music made by Asian influenced musicians. Come sit down with us and learn as much about tea as you like.

Our Previous Location

We intend our new teashop to be as much a cross-cultural venue as the old teahouse, a place to bring together the best of East and West. Come experience the richness of Asia's tea tasting tradition.

Thank you,

Shiuwen Tai
Floating Leaves Tea

About Shiuwen

Shiuwen Tai was born and raised in Taiwan and steeped in the culture of tea from a very young age. Being separated from Taiwan by her many travels, she was inspired to re-discover her own roots and as her love of tea grew she and Rob began exploring the entire world of Chinese tea together.
Shiuwen sees tea as a cross-cultural endeavor. Tea gives us an opportunity to bring our favorite aspects of Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese culture to America. Come share our passion for tea. Please stop in often.
In the picture at right Shiuwen tries her hand at picking Baojong tea in the Pinglin area of Taiwan's Wenshan tea district.